Medicare Options for VFW Members

There are multiple Medicare options for VFW members. The VFW Insurance Program offers Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplemental and Medicare Part D through Humana. Humana is one of the nation’s largest health care companies, offering a broad national footprint.

With multiple Medicare options for VFW members, it can be hard to keep them all straight. Read on for descriptions of each product offering:



April 13th, 2018|Healthcare|

 Top Ten Ways to Reduce Your Health Care Costs

Healthcare is expensive, and it often seems like there is simply no way around it. But with these ten steps, you can reduce your health care costs.

  1. Know Your Benefits

Look at your policy for discounts and other offers on items like vitamins, prescription eyeglasses and chiropractic care! Review your policy closely to see what special benefits are included.

  1. Watch
April 13th, 2018|Healthcare|