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If you get sick or hurt while traveling—in a place you don’t know, with unknown medical staff—EA+ comes to your rescue with services vital in an emergency. Whether a few states away, or around the world, EA+ provides 24-hour assistance for veterans while traveling, every time you travel. EA+ is available at an incredibly affordable rate just for VFW members and their families.


Services of EA+ include:


— Medical Evacuation & Transportation Home
EA+ will help to get you to a better medical facility quickly, and back home to recover.


— Medical Assistance
EA+ will provide recommendations if you are unfamiliar with the area of your emergency to make sure you get the best medical treatment.


— Assistance for Companions
EA+ looks after your traveling companions during your emergency, or will send a person of your choice to your side, if you’re traveling alone.


— Travel Assistance
EA+ will help tie up all the loose ends for you such as luggage or visa recovery. Upon request, EA+ will also provide a travel advisory specific for the area you are traveling or provide interpreters if you are in an emergency and do not speak the language. Should a political situation or dangerous weather develop while on your trip, EA+ will even assist with evacuation arrangements.



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Emergency Assistance Plus (EA+) for veterans

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