As summer ramps up, so do city celebrations and parades. If your Post participates regularly in these celebrations, ensure everyone is being safe and thoughtful with these 10 parade participation safety tips:

10 Parade Tips

  1. Plan ahead

Announce the event to all your members, determine a meeting spot, distribute route maps and organize vehicles.

  1. Consider the physical fitness of your members

How long is the parade route? Is the route mostly flat or is there elevation to factor in?  What will the weather be like? Encourage members to look out for each other. If the parade route is longer, consider assigning shifts or rotating out of vehicles.

  1. Check your Post vehicles

If you are using Post vehicles or Post members’ vehicles, make sure they are in good condition, have properly functioning brakes and a full gas tank. Of course, don’t go without Business Auto Liability Insurance.

  1. Select your drivers

As a Post, you should have a clear set of guidelines around who is allowed to drive for your organization as well as guidelines for approved drivers to follow while operating vehicles. Ensure your drivers have a valid driver’s license and prohibit cellphone use while driving.

  1. Follow any parade-specific requirements

When your Post enters a parade, ensure you have a list of the organization’s guidelines. Occasionally, there is a ban on throwing anything into the crowd, such as beads or candy. Follow the guidelines to ensure your Post can participate in future parades.

  1. Bring a first aid kit

It’s always a good idea to have a first aid kit handy, as well as someone trained in first aid. Consider training your members in CPR and AEDs, too.

  1. Create clear signage

Ensure your Post’s participation is easily recognized with Post-specific signage.

  1. Be careful near floats

If you are walking the parade route, stay a good distance away from any vehicles and floats. Attempt to stay out of the blind spot of drivers.

  1. Stay hydrated

Even if the weather is mild, encourage participants to drink plenty of fluids, especially if they are walking the route.

  1. Dress for the weather

In high temperatures, wear loose-fitting, lightweight and light-colored clothing. Also apply sunscreen and bring more to reapply if the route is long.


With these parade participation safety tips, your members will be well prepared for the next Post parade.