Everyone is ready to get back to normal, and many places already have resumed regular activities. But with the downtime and changes that have happened over the past year, some organizations need to review and update their procedures. If your Post is one of them, these action items may help you take care of the safety of members, guests and volunteers.

This guide to safely opening your organization focuses on 3 areas that may need your attention: people, policies and procedures.

Safely Opening Your Organization: People

Your employees, volunteers and members are what make your Post what it is. But some of them may have had their own changes over the last year. Some of them may also be feeling unfamiliar with how you do things because they’re new, or simply because it’s been a while.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Have employees, volunteers or members moved and do we have their updated address and contact info?
  • Do we have current emergency contact information for all our employees, volunteers and members?
  • Are our preferred vendors back and open for business, with the same point person to handle our needs?
  • Is anyone new who is unfamiliar with our operations, activities, policies or procedures and in need of training?
  • When was the last time we offered training to all employees and volunteers? Is it time for a refresher?

Safely Opening Your Organization: Policies

The policies that guide operations for your organization may be getting a little dusty. You may not have looked at some of them for a year, which means they could be outdated or out of step with current best practices and in need of review and revision. Additionally, when thinking of policies, it’s important to make sure your insurance policies are up to date.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What are the current policies for our organization’s operations?
  • Considering the past year, do we need to update any of our organizational policies?
  • What about specific policies regarding hosting events, working with volunteers, serving alcohol, etc.?
  • Have employees and volunteers been trained on the updated organizational policies?
  • Have important policies been posted at the Post and communicated directly to employees, volunteers, members and guests?
  • Are all insurance policies up to date?
  • Will our current insurance policies cover us for all upcoming activities, regular events and special events?
  • Are our insurance policies for liquor liability, workers’ compensation and volunteer accident insurance coverage up to date?

Safely Opening Your Organization: Procedures

Running the Post is a lot like riding a bicycle. As everyone is getting back to normal, you want to ease back into it before joining the Tour de France.

Make sure your operational procedures are up to date, properly documented and easy to follow for everyone. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What are the current procedures for our organization’s operations?
  • Do we need to update any of these procedures to meet guidance or best practices?
  • Are our procedures for hosting big events, working with volunteers, serving alcohol, etc. all up to date?
  • What is the procedure for insuring our special events with special event coverage?
  • What is the procedure for checking if our vendors are properly licensed, insured and bonded as needed?
  • Do employees and volunteers need training on our updated organization procedures?
  • Have important procedures been posted at the Post and communicated to those who need to know them?

Safely Opening Your Organization: Conclusion

It will be great to get back to the Post and enjoy some new activities and events after the past year.

Before fully returning to normal, ask yourself these questions and take care of any loose ends. Remember that you may need additional insurance coverage for some events and activities beyond your regular policy to be fully protected.

If you have questions about your Post policy or coverage, we’re here to help! Contact us for more information.