The past several weeks have been difficult for Post communities and the world at large. With recent CDC and government guidance, many Posts are closing temporarily.

While it is disappointing to have the Post closed, we can use this time to continue to prepare and improve. Encourage Post leadership to take turns working on things, so that when it reopens, your Post will be at its very best. Explore these tips for projects to accomplish while your Post is closed: 

  1. Work outside

Pick up fallen limbs and branches, rake remaining leaves, plant flowers, spread mulch around flowerbeds and trees, edge sidewalks, pressure wash walkways, replace outdoor lightbulbs and evaluate the condition of your Post’s flags.

  1. Restock your first-aid kit

Scrapes, headaches and upset stomachs are common, and volunteers will appreciate access to a freshly stocked first-aid kit to meet these needs. Yet in the event of a more serious incident, the right first-aid supplies could be a life saver. Make sure your kit is stocked and ready for an emergency.

  1. Replace smoke detector batters, air filters and lightbulbs

It is suggested that smoke detector batteries are tested each month and replaced once or twice a year. Some people change the batteries when they change their clocks at Daylight Saving Time. If you have yet to change the batteries, do so, along with air filters and any burnt out lightbulbs.

  1. Tackle spring cleaning

A clean, organized and safe Post helps reduce the risk of accidents and claims and increase enjoyment for everyone. Your efforts will be much appreciated by your Post members, guests and volunteers when the Post reopens.

  1. Update safety signage

According to OSHA, there’s a link between safety signs and fewer accidents. Help keep your volunteers safe with proper signage for emergency exits, high voltage areas, flammable materials, equipment usage and floor hazards.

  1. Clean the grills

If your Post has a patio area with grills, prepare them ready for summer use. Thoroughly clean any grease, dust or food remnants from the previous use, fill propane tanks and remove any nearby hazards.

  1. Lock up your Post thoroughly

Each time Post leadership leaves, encourage them to lock up to deter and prevent theft. Keep the Post well-lit, arm the security system if you have one, move valuables away from windows and ensure security cameras are working.

Take this break in events to reevaluate your Post’s procedures and determine improvements your Post. It will make all the difference for members, guests and volunteers when it is time to reopen.