Everyone is looking forward to things getting back to normal, with Post employees getting back into the swing of things and volunteers old and new looking for ways to give back. Because the future is still uncertain and the risk for mistakes can be greater after a prolonged absence, it’s important workers and volunteers are protected.

Protecting Volunteers and Workers 

Start with training and safety precautions.

  • Update Emergency Contact Info—Make sure you have up-to-date emergency contact information for workers and volunteers in case there is an emergency at the Post.
  • Send Out Communication Updates—Keep your employees, volunteers and guests informed. Use social media, email or text for reopening info or event opportunities.
  • Practice Cyber Safety Online—Be on the lookout for hacking and phishing attempts and make sure volunteers and employees are aware of what to do with suspicious emails.
  • Update Post Safety Signage—If safety signage for exits, high voltage, fire danger or equipment usage has been damaged, gone missing or become outdated, replace it.
  • Restock First Aid Kits—Make sure your first aid kits are fully stocked for any emergency. Having the right supplies on hand could be a life saver.

Yet even with proper signage, first aid supplies and safety practices, accidents happen. Insurance can protect employees, volunteers and guests, as well as the Post in case of a claim, but it can be confusing to understand coverage needs.

Protecting Workers at the Post

Workers’ compensation insurance protects both your employees and the Post. Accidents can happen, even with the best training and safety precautions. When they do, the cost of medical care, damages or legal fees can be substantial. Workers’ compensation coverage ensures Post employees and their families have a remedy for workplace injuries and that the Post is not unduly burdened with high costs in the event of an accident.

Key facts you should know:

  • Workers’ compensation insurance is required by law in almost every state.
  • Salaried, hourly, exempt, non-exempt, part-time and full-time workers all need to be covered by workers’ compensation.
  • Even some commission-only workers, contractors and subcontractors and paid family members of an organization may need coverage.

With a Workers’ Compensation policy from Lockton Affinity, you can get the coverage you need to meet VFW Post requirements and minimize the risks your Post faces. Plus, it’s easy and fast to find the right coverage for your Post today.

Protecting Volunteers at the Post

Workers’ Compensation provides broad coverage for your Post and its employed workers. However, it’s important to understand this kind of insurance is designed to protect paid employees, not volunteers. Without protection for your Post’s volunteer workforce, your Post could face high costs for medical care, damages or legal fees if someone is injured while volunteering.

To protect your Post, it’s important to manage the risk of your volunteer workforce. With Volunteer Accident Insurance from Lockton Affinity, your volunteers can be protected too. This policy covers your Post from the medical costs a volunteer might incur if they are accidentally injured while working on your Post’s behalf.


Life will soon return to normal for Post workers and volunteers. You can prepare now by with the proper safety precaution, training and insurance. State laws require nearly all paid employees to be protected by workers’ compensation insurance, including those at the Post. However, it is also important to have coverage for Post volunteers, both to protect your volunteer workforce and the Post.

Make sure your Post is ready to welcome back workers and volunteers while keeping everyone safe. Contact us to ensure your Post’s workers and volunteers are well protected.