Pets are part of the family, and pet insurance can be a great way to care for them. You pets are your companions, your cuddle buddies, your feet warmers. They make you laugh when they fall for the laser pointer and make you proud when they master a new trick. They keep you active and keep life interesting. Even when they get in the trash (again) or break a family heirloom, pets are still a part of the family.

It doesn’t matter if you’re strictly a dog person, strictly a cat person, or love them both the same, having insurance to help care for them is critical. Do you remember the last time you left the veterinarian’s office spending less than $100? With the average cost of quality, routine pet care increasing year-over-year, it is expensive to care for your furry friends.

For example, an X-ray, spaying and neutering can cost you hundreds of dollars, while hip and knee replacements and cancer care for your pet can cost thousands.

Just like health insurance for you and your family, pet insurance can help you budget for routine and unforeseen medical expenses. So whether your clumsy puppy needs X-rays and prescriptions or your cranky cat needs treatment for more serious illnesses like cancer, heart disease or diabetes, pet insurance will help make sure have the means necessary to take care of your dog or cat.


What Pet Insurance Can Cover:

Depending on the type of policy level you purchase, a variety of common procedures and treatments for both cats and dogs are covered.

When your pets are young, pet insurance can cover routine vaccinations and spaying/neutering. Coverage can include unforeseen accidents and illnesses that will happen throughout their lives, from allergies to sprains. As your pets age, they will have different needs – perhaps arthritis medication or cancer treatment – and pet insurance can cover that, too.

Pet insurance makes it easier to be prepared and care for your pets. It often covers these conditions and more:

  • Accidents & injuries – poisons and sprains
  • Common illnesses – vomiting and diarrhea
  • Serious illnesses – cancer and diabetes
  • Chronic illnesses – allergies and arthritis
  • Hereditary conditions – hip dysplasia and blood disorders
  • Testing & diagnostics – ultrasounds and blood tests
  • Procedures – surgeries and chemotherapy
  • Holistic & alternative – acupuncture and chemotherapy
  • Wellness – vaccinations and spay/neuter

Learn more about pet insurance from the VFW Insurance Program, administered by Lockton Affinity.