When alcohol is served, your organization needs proper insurance to protect against the risks and liability associated with alcohol. Depending on the type of event, whether your Post is hosting or renting its buildings, you will need different insurance coverage.

Read on to understand the differences between liquor liability insurance, host liquor liability insurance and special event coverage.

Understanding Liquor Liability insurance

Liquor liability insurance is coverage for organizations that sell or serve alcohol. These policies provide coverage for legal expenses, which include things like defense costs, settlements, judgments or damages when an intoxicated person sustains an injury or causes property damage.

Common liquor liability claims can include:

  • Serving alcohol to a minor
  • Overserving a patron
  • Bodily injury, death or property damage caused by a patron that was served at your organization

Understanding Host Liquor Liability insurance

Host liquor liability insurance protects organizations that host an event at which beer, wine or spirits are served. It is designed to protect:

  • Venue owners who do not hold a liquor license
  • Events where alcohol is offered
  • Events that do not serve alcohol but allow attendees to bring their own

Understanding Special Event coverage

Many activities, including fundraising activities, are not covered under your organization’s basic general liability and umbrella policies. Due to the additional exposures associated with some special events, your organization may need to purchase a separate policy to ensure coverage for the event.

Events that may require a special event policy include:

  • Events involving animals
  • Bicycle events
  • Circuses and carnivals
  • Events involving mechanical amusement devices
  • Professional sporting activities
  • Events with fireworks
  • Obstacle courses and more

Protecting your organization with Liquor Liability, Host Liquor Liability and Special Event coverage

It is crucial that all your events are fully insured to protect your organization and its employees, volunteers, participants and attendees.

If your organization has a bar or sells alcohol to patrons, you likely need Liquor Liability insurance. If your organization does not sell alcohol but provides it to members or members bring in their own alcohol, you need Host Liquor Liability.

For all other events without alcohol, you may need Special Event insurance to fully protect your organization.

Contact Lockton Affinity’s dedicated insurance representatives to learn more about these policies and to get coverage for your organization.