Fireworks, parades, tractor pulls, silent auctions, carnivals, bake sales—your organization partakes and hosts all kinds of events. But which events are covered by a basic general liability or umbrella policy and which events need a special event policy?

Many activities, including fundraising activities, may require a special event policy due to additional exposures associated with the event. Read on for examples of events covered under your organization’s general liability and umbrella policies and events that may require a special event policy.

Covered Events under General Liability or Umbrella Liability

These events are commonly covered under your organization’s General Liability or Umbrella policy. Confirm with Lockton Affinity before hosting such events to be sure.

  • Bake sales
  • Bowling events
  • Dedications
  • Dinners
  • Garage sales
  • Presentations
  • Silent auctions

Events Requiring a Special Event Policy

These events are not typically covered under a General Liability or Umbrella policy. A separate Special Event insurance policy must be purchased.

  • Aircraft events, including hot air balloon rides
  • Events involving animals
  • Bicycle events, including virtual bicycle events
  • Boxing, wrestling, hockey, karate and other contact sporting events
  • Circuses and carnivals
  • Events involving mechanical amusement devices like mechanical bulls
  • Events selling, serving or furnishing alcoholic beverages and requiring a liquor license and Liquor Liability coverage.
  • Motorized sporting events like tractor or truck pulls
  • Professional sporting activities
  • Pyrotechnical devices, including fireworks or explosives
  • Obstacle courses or activities involving rappelling and climbing
  • Rodeos

Meeting Your Insurance Needs for All Events

It is crucial that all your events are fully insured to protect your organization and its employees, volunteers, participants and attendees. If your organization is planning any events that are not covered by General Liability or Umbrella coverage, contact Lockton Affinity to obtain Special Event coverage.

Our dedicated insurance representatives have been trained to understand the risks Posts face, so a quick call will help ensure your events are properly insured.