Homes, vehicles, rentals and more—All property is important to upkeep and maintain, and the same is true of any property your Post owns.

Maintaining property and prioritizing safety improvements not only adds to your property value, but it also keeps your members and guests safe and comfortable.

Read on for tips to maintain and improve your Post property.

Self-Inspect for Maintenance and Safety Improvements for Post Property

It can be beneficial to implement routine self-inspections to catch a hazard before a true safety issue arises.

Gather a group of members of different ages and abilities to examine the property for hazards ranging from loose floor tiles to cracked windows to overhanging tree limbs. Document all found hazards or potential hazards and develop plan for addressing each hazard.

Common Maintenance and Safety Improvements for Post Property

Safer stairwells

Stairs can be particularly hazardous for people of all ages. Add sturdy, securely mounted railings on both sides of stairways. Eliminate any carpet runners but do install non-slip strips to help prevent slips and falls. Ensure stairwells are well lit and free of any clutter.

Proper lighting

Evaluate rooms and hallways for adequate lighting. Don’t forget to check outside areas, restrooms and storage areas. Replace low wattage and burned-out bulbs immediately.

Exit routes and emergency planning

Exits and safety signage are subject to annual inspections. Your local fire department will confirm that submitted, up-to-code seating blueprints are reflected by a business’s interior. The same regulations cover maximum occupancy, aisle widths and more.

Post signage for evacuation plans throughout the property. Remind members of emergency plans regularly and always share with new members.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Replace batteries as needed and ensure your organization has enough detectors throughout the property to meet fire safety recommendations. Be sure to check your fire extinguishers’ expiration dates, as well.

Property additions

If you make extensive changes to your organization’s property, be sure to inform your insurance carrier of any additions, as the added value could cause your property to be underinsured. Sharing the addition with your carrier will ensure your policy adequately covers your organization’s property, giving you peace of mind that you’re fully protected and ready for the future.


Protecting Your Property and Post

With Property insurance from Lockton Affinity, your organization can be protected from the costs associated with property damage like fire and theft. We also offer General Liability insurance to offer protection against claims of third-party injury or property damage.

Get started today by contacting one of our dedicated insurance representatives.