Summer is just a short few months for Posts to hold events outdoors when the weather is nice and families and kids are looking for something fun to do.

Options are nearly endless, but a few fun ideas are so popular that many organizations consider them a must-do. These are the events your members and guests are guaranteed to love. If you’re still looking for summer activities, here are 7 must-do summer events for your Post, plus important information about how to make sure the event is safe for your organization.

Summer Cookouts

Everyone loves a cookout. Grilling outdoors with tasty meats and veggies is a summer favorite, and not much is required to get started. A parking lot or grassy area outside the Post will do. Cookout fundraisers can be incorporated, too.

To do it safely, pay attention to grill and food safety guidelines:

  • Keep the grill clear of anything flammable.
  • Start with a clean grill.
  • Have a fire extinguisher on hand.
  • Follow food safe handling guidelines.
  • Clean up safely afterwards.

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Picnic in the Park

A summer picnic in the park is popular with lots of organizations. Permits are easy to get and parking and space won’t be an issue. Add a potluck, cookout, music, games or other activities for more fun.

Safe picnics are the best kind of picnics. Take the proper precautions:

  • Check forecasts for severe weather risks.
  • Prepare and store food items safely.
  • Pack first aid for medical emergencies.
  • Stay safe in the heat with water and shade.

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Movie Night

Summer nights are the perfect weather for a movie night. Host an indoor event in your facilities or move outdoors. Projectors can work on a neutral wall just as well as on a projection screen.

Make your event safer with these tips:

  • Watch out for cords and other trip hazards.
  • Have a stocked first aid kit just in case.
  • Inspect folding chairs for damage.
  • Serve alcohol refreshments responsibly.

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Pool Party

A casual pool party can be a great summer activity for the Post. It’s a great way to cool off or catch some sun. Most communities have professionally maintained swimming facilities.

Safety is key around the pool. Be sure to follow these tips:

  • Establish pool party rules for attendees.
  • Consider hiring a lifeguard if possible.
  • Provide active supervision of children.
  • Know swimming abilities of attendees.
  • Train staff and volunteers in CPR.
  • Keep pool parties alcohol free.

Pools and alcohol don’t mix. Read more about how to avoid liquor liability claims.

Summer Concert

A summer concert is another great activity to try. Host live music day or night and as its own event or in combination with other activities and events. Hire a band, rent a space and bring in vendors.

To stay safe at a summer concert:

  • Plan ahead for safe crowd control.
  • Check and restock your first aid kit.
  • Leave any pyrotechnics to the professionals.
  • Ensure the vendors you hire are insured.

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Field Day

Hosting a field day is another fun event you can try during summer. Activity ideas include the sack race, three-legged race, egg and spoon race, wheelbarrow race, water balloon toss, tug of war, horseshoes, cornhole, bocce ball and more.

Staying safe during a field day with these tips:

  • Check the forecast and have a plan for inclement weather.
  • Make sure participants and spectators stay hydrated.
  • Watch out for signs of heat-related illness.
  • Have trained personnel on hand in case of emergency.

Staying safe in the heat is especially important. See our guide for more info.


City celebrations are another great activity you can participate in with your Post. Parades offer the opportunity to work together as a Post and come together as a community.

Follow these tips for a great experience:

  • Organize and plan everything ahead.
  • Select your vehicle and secure your driver.
  • Be careful near floats and vehicles.
  • Remember to dress for the weather.

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There’s no shortage of things you can do at the Post during the summer. Whether as participants or attendees, everyone can enjoy getting together for something fun.

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